ALDIA Cooperativa Sociale

„People for people“ is our motto. 640 associates and more than 11,000 users including children, the elderly and people with disabilities: these are the people that we work with and work for every day in Aldia. Born in Pavia in 1977 out of a dream of a group of young women, the cooperative has become, over the years, a benchmark in the fields in which we operate. At the core of our work are our values, those in which we believe in and those which underline our activities and above all those of the people who surround us. Performance-value, value to the user and value to members: the strength of Aldia lies in the appreciation of every aspect of the individual aspect and in the knowledge that in every individual there is we take care and with which we want to share our choices. In Aldia we are committed to social innovation, taking inspiration from for-profit companies in order to reorganize human resources, with a targeted roles’ diversification and tasks according to the skills and abilities of each. High qualification of the partners, reliability, professionalism and quality assurance of the service are the cornerstone of our philosophy.

The values for Aldia is to develop the spirit of a cooperative, to promote it in every aspect of professional and personal life, to ensure that „people for people“ remains at the core of Aldia’s activities: an added value that guarantees stability and quality.