CARIMO is the technical implementation of the CiM-System. CARIMO is mainly used on the tablet. Additionally a fitness tracker can be used to monitor own activities.

Exercises: The motion promotion service provides individual, health- enhancing physical exercises focusing on motor skills

Tasks and messages: The collaboration service offers task lists for the users and carers to document activities. For successful collaboration between informal and formal carers, it provides a messaging service.

Overview: The activity overview shows the fitness progress which includes performed exercises and everyday activities. Rewards are shown if person’s aims are achieved.

Newspapers and journals: The tablet offers regional news and magazines.

Games and internet: Additionally the system provides games and the users have access to the internet.

Manual and courses: The education service bases on actual courses presented by formal carers. It offers education material to review the course contents. For carers this service provides information about important care issues e.g. how to mobilize care recipients.

Appointments: The community service manages meetings of the primary end-users with their care givers.

Recommendations for health living are shown weekly.

The fitness tracker records everyday activities. It shows walked steps, mileage and burned calories.