Hilfswerk Salzburg

The non-profit organisation Hilfswerk Salzburg is one of the largest Austrian associations that provides social and health care services for the elderly and other people in need. Following its motto “quality from person to person”, for over 20 years, the Hilfswerk has been providing professional care service for older and sick persons, and has done social work for children, the youth and families, and provided pedagogical services for families. Hilfswerk Salzburg offers help to people in need who do not have a social network to rely on. At present, the Hilfswerk Salzburg employs a staff of more than 1000 who care for about 6.500 persons in all of Salzburg. In Austria, it runs seven regional and one international office, which care for a total of 47.800 persons, and employing a staff of nearly 10.000. The Hilfswerk runs a 24-hour call centre service for emergency calls during the whole year.