Web Portal

The Web Portal is mainly used by caregivers, volunteers, assistants and mentors. It enables them to get in touch with the end user or each other.

Tasks and messages
As on the tablet, the collaboration service offers task lists for the carers to document activities.

The community can read about the progress on the web portal or on the tablet.

And it is also possible to leave notes for each other. It is indicated on the tablet if somebody documented anything or a message is left.

Manual and courses
The education service bases on actual courses presented by formal carers. It offers education material to review the course contents. For carers this service provides information about important care issues e.g. how to mobilize care recipients.

Appointments of the primary end-users with their care givers can also be managed on the web portal. The end-user is notified about new appointments.

Volunteer service

Volunteers can create reports about their activities on the web portal.